The Power of One Foundation has been filling pantries in the Santa Ana area and the broader communities for 12 years.

On one Saturday every month, we load up our 24-foot and 17-foot trucks with food from our warehouse and head to our distribution site for a morning filled with filling families’ shopping carts, baby strollers, and cars with the help of our monthly volunteers, many of whom are high school students.

No family leaves without 100-150 pounds of perishable and non-perishable food, worth approximately $500, to ensure they have enough in their pantries, refrigerators, & freezers for the month.

POOF’s monthly distribution site is Magnolia Science Academy in Santa Ana, CA.



Power of One Foundation’s newest direction of growth is in conjunction with CDP (Community Development Partners of Newport Beach, CA) to form a free kitchen for the residents of a new permanent supportive housing facility called “The Orchard”.  CDP funded the project and POOF designed and operates the kitchen.  The Orchard is providing homes for the previously homeless and, through the efforts of MercyHouse, assisting them acclimate back into society.

The OC Kitchen’s goals are to fill bellies and hearts with warmth by creating a safe environment where all residents are welcome to a hot meal and a sense of community.

The first OC Kitchen opened in January of 2018.  POOF and CDP are excited for this new branch of growth and the ways it will further pour into the community. This joint housing/kitchen model is a new one that we intend to duplicate with future housing projects.  Eradicating homelessness is possible, and we work to be a part of that.



The Power of One Foundation fights against mass hunger, detention and deportation of immigrants through a combination of community impact, policy advocacy, trainings, and strategic communications. 

With a record number of humans globally fleeing their countries because of war, famine, corrupt governments, economical collapses and religious discrimination, there is nothing more important than supporting refugees on an international, humanitarian level. What was once off in the distant future is now at the doorstep of the United States of America.  Refugees and immigrants have become a problem on a massive scale where the only way to move forward is for every country to realize this is a global, humanitarian problem and unite toward a solution.

Nationally, with good cause, there is a great amount of fear around protecting the United States borders; however, the treatment of the families fleeing into Mexico and America is unacceptable.  Separating young children from their parents under any circumstance solves nothing and causes more anguish for suffering, fleeing refugees.  When you have children dying in detention camps in Texas, Arizona, and California there is no arguing the fact that the situation at the United States southern border is a crisis.  There is no easy answer of how to handle immigration.  Our future president has a heavy responsibility to bear.

Every color, tongue, and continent is directly effected by this crisis. We need to look to the next generations and what life will they have if fear & hate continue to guide decisions made by the global leaders. Unless we start taking care of our neighbors and viewing and treating them as such, rather than enemies, it will only get worse. We must actively seek solutions to ensure a better, safer future for future generations.