In Orange County, Andre Roberson grew up in a family business caring for the mentally-challenged.  A deeply spiritual, God-fearing man, Andre believes he was blessed to grow up in this environment.  Andre cheerfully explains, “It gave me the unique opportunity to understand all kinds of people.  Yes, at times the work is hard, very hard, but through it I have discovered a greater love, acceptance, and appreciation for all people, especially those considered “outcasts” by the broader society. Additionally, this type of work and learning to communicate with our clients through the years has shown me how to read people without words in order to give them what they need and want; and I’ve learned that genuine sincerity, love and understanding is what every single one of us need to give and receive.”

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Shawnee Witt has extensive experience in secretarial roles. During her high school years, she inputted data, managed paperwork, and organized schedules for Futura, a family-owned shirt printing company for music groups, back home in Montana.  Since moving to LA, she worked at a high-profile film casting office where she was the owner’s executive assistant, completing tasks such as managing her business emails, scheduling her meetings and calls each week, and keeping her paperwork in order.  She went on to assist another casting director with insurance paperwork, organizational responsibilities. She has now shifted her focus to taking the Secretary position within the “Official No One Left Behind” nonprofit organization, servicing the Santa Ana and surrounding communities.

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Power of One Foundation is honored to have the acclaimed Vida Ali on the team as publicist & PR specialist. As one of the entertainment industry’s most highly respected publicists, Vida spearheaded national and international media campaigns for numerous recording artists. Her work was critical to the success of superstar MC Hammer, and her strategic media campaigns helped his career explode from humble beginnings to superstardom. Over the years, Vida worked with many other legendary artists, including Rachelle Ferrell (as manager as well as publicist), Garth Brooks, Bonnie Raitt, The Beastie Boys, Megadeth, Grover Washington, Jr., The Whispers, The Beach Boys, Bebe and CeCe Winans, and many more.

Over the years, Vida created countless campaigns with major media for various companies as well as artists. She has had artists perform/appearance on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, The David Letterman Show, E! Entertainment News, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, and others. She has developed corporate partnerships with Comcast and other companies, as well as with nonprofit organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She has worked with Tyler Perry on song placement in his films. Also, Vida was known for her work with various music events and festivals, including multiple years with the NBA All-Star Weekend, Budweiser Superfest and the Playboy Jazz Festival. In addition to her many Hollywood clients, Vida continued to work with her DC family business by setting up national media campaigns to bring special attention to the 40, 50, and 60 Year Anniversary celebrations of Ben’s Chili Bowl.

With all her credentials and experience, Vida is best known for her great integrity and work ethic. Her positive attitude and deep commitment to excellence in everything she undertakes always inspires and brings out the best in those around her. Vida truly cares about people, and as a result, she is masterful at creating a cooperative and mutually supportive team environment in which everyone takes pride in excellence and everyone wins. She has often been referred to as being “the calm in the center of the storm” because she makes doing a great job look easy and fun.

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Gloria Colazo is a renowned leader and innovator within business communities across the United States and on an international scale, most notably within the Hispanic and Women's business and entrepreneurial fields. Ms. Calazo has spent decades advocating for better opportunities for women in the workforce and the executive sphere, and has championed for advancement opportunities for all Latinos, representing nationalities from across Central, South and North America. Ms. Calazo is also deeply invested in health education and improving health outcomes for vulnerable communities, and works with local and international relief and aid efforts. 

Current and Recent Appointments: 

●Regional Director, Southern California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

●Regional Director / Ecuadorian Southern California American Chamber of Commerce

●International Affairs Director, El Salvador Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles

●Ambassador, Latinos in Action

●Vice President, Regalo Divino Foundation

●Patient and Family Advisory Council member, St. Jude

●Performance Improvement Patient Satisfaction Committee Member, St. Jude

●Executive Affiliation Steering Committee member, St. Jude

●Secretary, St. Jude Health Center of Orange County

●Foundation Secretary, Angel’s Models

●Learning Committee Member, Long Beach Time Exchange

●Director, “National PUPUSA Day.” initiative

Awards & Recognitions:

●U.S. House of Representatives, Certification of Recognition, Alan Lowenthal, March 17, 2018

●City of Los Angeles, Certification of Recognition, “Woman of the Year Award,” March 2018

●California State Senate, Certification of Recognition, Kevin De Leon, May 20th, 2017

●St. Jude Medical Center, “Values In Action, “Certification of Recognition, April 15, 2015

●County of Los Angeles, Public Health, Certificate of Appreciation, July 13, 2016

●California State Assembly, Certification of Recognition, by Sharon Quirk-Silva, October 26th, 2017

●County of Los Angeles, Certification of Commendation, by Mark Ridley-Thomas, June 28, 2009