The Power Of One Foundation believes that every person domestically and internationally deserves to be safe and have a nutritional meal. Our grass roots mobilization, legal advocacy work and food assistance programs fight for the rights of the less fortunate.

The Power Of One Foundation ensures the rights of humans by acting as advocates, defending their interests and ensuring they are fed & safe. POOF fights against mass hunger and mistreatment of humans through a combination of community impact, policy advocacy, trainings, and strategic communications.

The phrase "Power of One” is a call to remember we, humanity, are one race. Yes, we are a magnificent kaleidoscope holding as much variety as the nature and animal kingdoms, yet having differences externally isn’t the same as not being the same internally. We are one. One alone is weak, many as one is unbreakable.

“Power of One” means there is power in people uniting as one. There is nothing more powerful than unity.”